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Posted by Dave Scott on 05/29/2012 at 04:43 PM

Hay there guys, Dave Scott here with some usual Monday night ramblings. I usually try to get my column out the way before Raw but I had no idea what to write about this week and I've been playing Fifa 2012 all night. That is where I came up for the idea for this weeks column. I'm a really big football (or soccer for you Americans) fan and I am really looking forward to the Euro's this year, even though my beloved Scotland won't be present in the competition. Also I am totally in love with the game Fifa. So what I though I would write about is the WWE eleven. Where if the WWE were a football team who would be in their starting eleven and what positions they would play in and why.

The team would be in the standard 4-4-2 formation. So for those of you that are unfamiliar with football that would mean the starting eleven would consist of one goalkeeper, four defenders, four midfielders and two strikers. So I'll work from the back right up to the strikers.

With this I'm just looking to have a bit of fun, I know quite a lot of the guys would most definitely suck at football, but just let me have my fun!


So first up we have the goalkeeper. The majority of goalkeepers these days are a bit older and very experienced within their role. A lot of goalkeepers can go into their forties and still be in a first team. So that is what I am going to be looking at here mainly. To fill this position we need someone who is still fit within the WWE and has a lot of experience. Also someone who is big would be beneficial for this role.

That is why I am going to with Big Show. Big Show is solid, you can always rely on him and he has more experience than anyone in the back. He isn't the fastest guy but he definitely deserves a place within this. Also if there is one person in the WWE that you would struggle to get by it would be Big Show!

Goalkeeper – Big Show


With defenders there is usually a mix of experience and youth. I am a fan of having a bit of pace from your guys on the right and left and have two solid guys in the middle that are hard to get by, but still have a bit of pace to them. I always like to see a experience in the back four and I feel myself that a captain should be a member of the defence, which I know isn't suitable for every team, but for mine it is!

So I'll start from the centre backs. First up I would go with my captain of the team John Cena. Cena has the experience to be a captain. The reason he is in the back four is that he isn't the slowest guy on the roster, this meaning he could keep up with opposing strikers. Cena also has a lot of strength to him which would be beneficial as you want someone who can hold their own and can perhaps bully and intimidate the other teams forwards. Having Cena in the back I think is where he would have the most control and would be able to put a stop to any goal threats.

Joining Cena in the back I would have Jack Swagger. Swagger again is someone who is big and intimidating but still has a bit of pace to him. Swagger would also do well in the box when the opposing team has a corner, his height would mean he could easily get his head to the ball preventing the other team from having a goal threat during corners.

On the left of defence I would have Alberto Del Rio. The reason for this is that Del Rio has a bit of pace to him, he can keep up with the faster guys and also still remains a solid member of the back four, I think he would push up to assist the midfield and could even be a goal threat if the team was in all out attack. As Del Rio's counterpart on the right I would have Christian for pretty much the same reasons as Del Rio, however Christian adds the experience to the mix and you know he will always be consistent and give it his all.

Left back – Alberto Del Rio
Centre back – John Cena (Captain)
Centre back – Jack Swagger
Right back – Christian


For the midfield. In the centre I think there should be someone in their with a bit of experience and then for the rest there should be a lot of pace and definitely a lot of skill. People who can work smart and if need be can step up to moving forward and pushing back when needs be. The first person who springs to mind who pretty much covers everything right there I feel is Daniel Bryan. Bryan would be essential in central midfield. He could easily speed up or slow down his game to suit however the game is going. If the team was struggling in defence he could work back a bit and be a threat in defence and you also know that he would be able to put one in the back of the net if need be.

Joining D-Bry in central defence I would have Randy Orton. This is a guy who has strength and can dominate his position. He wouldn't be the best on the field at what he is doing, but he would definitely have the experience and the guts to produce when his team needs him. With his height, much like Swagger he would be a threat when his team has a corner.

On the right and left of the midfield I would have to go with pace and dribbling with people who could definitely get the ball to the other end of the field quickly. So on the left I would have Rey Mysterio and on the right I would have Kofi Kingston. Both these guys are fast guys that do what they do impressively. They also wouldn't be afraid to go up against larger defenders in their mission to get their team some goals.

Left Midfield: Rey Mysterio
Central Midfield: Daniel Bryan
Central Midfield: Randy Orton
Right Midfield: Kofi Kingston


The first person I though of when writing this who I felt would be most suited to this position was Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler is a self proclaimed show off. He likes to do whatever he does better than anyone and likes to do it in style. You could see him having a very Cristiano Ronaldo feel to his game. Ziggler has pace, skill and as much as it frowned upon, he could dive and make it look like he got run over, therefore winning his team penalties or free kicks on a regular basis.

Upfron with Ziggler, I don't think their could be any other option other than CM Punk. You know that he would be the top goalscorer for any team that he was apart of. He much like Ziggler has the pace and skill. CM Punk would also be an experienced member of the team who though he may not have been getting a first team game for the last few years, he has upped his game and has became a key member of the team.

Striker – CM Punk
Striker – Dolph Ziggler

So this give us the WWE eleven! Agree? Disagree? Think that I have missed someone out?

Let me know on my Twitter.

Also if any of you want beat at Fifa 12 or WWE 12 message me on Twitter and you can get my X-Box gamertag.

So here is a run down of the WWE starting eleven.

Goalkeeper – Big Show
Left back – Alberto Del Rio
Centre back – John Cena (Captain)
Centre back – Jack Swagger
Right back – Christian
Left Midfield: Rey Mysterio
Central Midfield: Daniel Bryan
Central Midfield: Randy Orton
Right Midfield: Kofi Kingston
Striker – CM Punk
Striker – Dolph Ziggler

Thanks for reading guys, I might do a TNA eleven if I again can't think of anything to write about again!


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