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Posted by Liam Hindmarsh on 05/20/2012 at 07:32 PM

Hello everybody. Liam here once again with another exciting edition of Tea Time with Liam. Well this week, I'm being a little naughty and giving you all a nice drawn out well written article. I'm instead going to bore you all with my Over the Limit predictions. Before I continue. This was written before matches were added tot he card late in the day. So I'll only mentioning the announced card as of this Friday's Smackdown. Enjoy

Kofi Kingston & R-Truth vs. Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger

I don’t like this match. Kofi doesn’t need a tag partner. Ziggler doesn’t need a tag partner. Dolph has been on the cusp of the main event for about a year but the call never seems to come his way to move up. Kofi seems to be the guy that WWE will give a random partner too then give them a tag team title run. I’m all for having the tag belts on a PPV. I’ve been wanting that for a long time. But why not The Uso’s vs. Epico and Primo. Why not a young hot tag team from FCW.

I want Dolph to move up, so I don’t want him to win this. It will probably be a decent match, I just don’t seem to be interested in it for some reason. Probably the first match of the night which will no doubt warm the crowd. I’ll go for Kofi and Truth

Winners and still Tag Champs - Kofi and Truth

Kane vs. Zack Ryder

This match is late. Two months to late. This should of happened at Wrestlemania when it actually made sense since Kane had practically murdered Ryder on every episode of Raw. We go from Wrestlemania, where it would of meant something, all the way to youtube pre show when nobody really cares what happens. Ryder is slowly falling back into the hole he was in last year, so he'll probably lose here. Kane it seems will just plod around the mid card spot for the remainder of his career. I'm okay with that. Just no more matches against Khali, please.

Winner - Kane

Sheamus vs. Chris Jericho vs. Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio

My one little issue with this. Jericho is on Raw, while the rest are on Smackdown. I know the brand extension is irrelevant right now but still it just seems WWE have done this to get Jericho on the card. Which is kind of scary actually as it shows that WWE are just finding things for people to do instead of finding times to make something for them. I don't really like four way matches. They all seem to follow the same formula. The guys attack each other. One gets thrown from the ring. The heels team up on the face. Then the heels break up and go at each other. The finishes are pretty good most of the time. Probably including a lot of finishing moves by all four guys. I'm going to pick Sheamus to win this and I can see him pinning Jericho to win.

Winner and still World Heavyweight Champion - Sheamus.

CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan

Where is the build up? Where oh where is the build up? When this match was announced, There was a collective orgasm by the IWC as two of the best indie wrestlers competing for the WWE championship. I kind of wish that their history would have been brought up. These two must have met countless times in the past and of been nice to have show the WWE fans who haven't seen indie shows, just how far both guys have came to make it into the WWE.

Everyone expects the match to be amazing. It probably will be. It will be interesting to see the style of wrestling used in the match. Obviously the WWE style is a lot different to that of ROH. I think AJ will get involved in some way. For once I'm going to think out of the box. I say AJ will help Bryan win and it turns out that the whole break up was just a set up. We saw AJ's interaction with Punk this week on Raw and it was kind of strange. Anyway that’s my pick. Bryan wins via help from AJ

Winner and new WWE Champion - Daniel Bryan

Layla vs. Beth Phoenix

I like Layla. I'm always going to pull for my fellow Britain. She's sexy, she has the WWE diva look, but at least she can hold her own in the ring. I almost get the feeling that WWE doesn't know what they want to do with the Divas title. It seems that everyone is waiting for the return of Kharma. I even predicted that to happen last month and we got Layla. Crowd probably wont enjoy this much it will certainly be one of the better diva matches we've seen for a while. I'm going to pick Layla, just because she's British.

Winner and still Divas Champion - Layla

John Cena vs. John Laurinaitis

Anyone remember the Cena Versus Lesnar feud? Nope. Me neither. The feud that has been forgotten. Within a month, Cena goes from talking about taking time off, to immediately feuding with the General Manager. I can’t believe that I’m actually going to say this but maybe it’s about time Cena got himself back into the WWE title picture. I can’t even remember his last title match. I like Laurinaitis. I think he’s a good heel authority figure but I don’t want to see him wrestle.

As for the match. I’ll keep this short and sweet. Big Show interferes and helps Laurinaitis win, thus getting his job back. As for Cena. I don’t know what’s next for him. Time off maybe. He definitely deserves it.

Winner - John Laurinaitis

Which match would you have added to the card?

I would like to see the mid card champions on the show. Perhaps Cody versus Santino in a inter brand match, or at least put Cody up against someone. He’s too good not to be on the card. The Miz is another guy who should be on the show. For the hell of it. Have Cody Vs Miz and just give them ten minutes. Be a good match. Filler, but good enough for the crowd to enjoy.

Which match will steal the show?

Punk/Bryan is the only match I want to see. Even if they match is average by their standards, it will still be the best thing on the card all night. This will be the best match of the night. Even though most people expect it already. This match will steal the show. I wish it was the main event but I feel that it will be reserved for Cena/Laurinaitis which is sad because I don't expect anything good from that match.

Will you be ordering this PPV?

No. Thankfully, I don't need to order this. As most of you know, I live in the UK were a number of WWE PPVS throughout the year are broadcast live on Sky Sports. So I don't need to shell out £14.95 on a PPV this time around. Honestly, If this wasn't free, I probably wouldn't have ordered. Only Punk/Bryan interests me while the others, I don't really have any particular feeling over.

Thats it for today. Time for the plugs.

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Until next time. Thanks for reading.

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