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Posted by Aaron Rift on 05/19/2012 at 05:38 PM

I am here to answer your WWE and TNA questions to the best of my ability. I'm having fun with it, so don't expect all the answers to be serious! Follow myself and NoDQ.com on Twitter and Facebook to get breaking news and commentary.

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Hey Aaron, when The Rock faces his next opponent, do you think he'll hype up the match through satellite and then only turn up in person for the actual match?

I'm sure he'll make at least a few TV appearances before the match. For Wrestlemania next year, it's a safe bet he'll be around weekly.

Do you think that Edge would have won the WWE or WHC earlier than 2006 if hadn't had the neck injury in 2003 which sidelined him for 1 year

Depends on whether he turned heel or not. It was that heel run and the Matt Hardy fiasco that helped him develop that Rated R Superstar gimmick that put him to the top.

Do you think Undertaker will make an appearance at the 1000th episode of Raw? He is now the only active who appeared at the first Raw episode ever in the early 90's and even though he doesnt needs to wrestle he should appear I think your thoughts

Anything's possible. I could see it happening if WWE feels desperate to pop a big rating for that show.

What do you think about Zack Gowen?

It was a fun novelty. I'm glad the guy got to have the spotlight even if it was for a short time.

Hey Aaron, what are your thoughts on "WWE's Favorite Band" Limp Bizkit performing at a future Pay Per View? -Raditude

I don't think WWE's audience has any idea who Limp Bizkit are.

CMPunkMadeChicago youtube channel is puting up videos that say stuff refering to Batista. Today he uploaded 1 that was title "I'm coming for you John" do you think thats whos helping Johnny Ace instead of Big Show. Please discuss in video. Its worth a vid

That account is fake.

Hey Aaron! How much of an impact do you think Cena heel turn would do if he ever turns heel, as big as Hollywood Hulk Hogan?

I don't have enough confidence in the WWE creative team for it to have the impact Hogan had.

How come WWE doesn't go to the MGM Grand in Las Vegas?

My guess is they have a good financial deal in place with the Thomas and Mack Center.

Hey Aaron how wrestling would be different had WCW beaten WWE how would guys like The Rock, HHH, John Cena etc careers would have been?

They probably wouldn't have careers.

will brock appear on over the limit?

If he does, I'm going to be very worried about him lasting the rest of the year with his dates running out.

Do you think WWE has weakened Chris Jericho's character by having him loose at every PPV since he returned?

Chris Jericho will also be over no matter what. I don't think wins and losses matter much with him at this point. He's Chris Jericho.

Hey Aaron, When is the next time the WWE title will be in a main event match on PPV? The last time I remember was TLC, it's ridiculous

The next time Cena or Lesnar are holding the title.

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