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Posted by Adam Hopson on 05/19/2012 at 10:51 AM

Due to the uninspiring (non)events going on in WWE over the last few weeks, I’ve been pretty quiet.

Honestly, you get excited for something and they either ram it down your throat as hard as they can, or they take it away without any kind of explanation or warning.

From Brodus Clay, to Ryback, to Daniel Bryan’s ‘Yes!’ chants – the WWE have found what you think is a winning formula and then they kill it to death. Seriously, Brodus Clay has done almost exactly the same thing, week in week out, since he debuted (apart from when he was abruptly removed from TV for a number of weeks without explanation). Same for Ryback. Daniel Bryan’s ‘Yes!’ is getting completely overused – it was working just great as a WrestleMania hangover cure, and now, after trying to eliminate it completely (and failing), they have decided to take it into overdrive. What made it fun was that Daniel Bryan shouted ‘Yes!’ very obnoxiously, fairly often. Now, he is shouting it all the time, and so was Sheamus during their feud over the World Heavyweight Championship.

After the obvious initial scepticism about Lord Tensai, I started to enjoy his appearances on Raw. I don’t entirely blame the fans that chant ‘Albert’ during his matches, but I do find it slightly annoying. The story is; he wrestled as (Prince) Albert in WWE before flying off to Japan to ply his trade there instead, all the while immersing himself in Japanese culture. It isn’t unfathomable to think that some of the Oriental customs and traditions could have rubbed off on an American man struggling to find himself – especially if said American was in Japan for six years (from 2006-2012). It’s not like WWE haven’t tried to explain this to the fans, but some of them just aren’t getting it. Maybe it’s not been presented in the correct fashion. If it was me booking the Tensai character, I’d have him cut a promo and show a little emotion and actually have HIM explain WHY he went to Japan and WHY it gave him a completely different outlook on life. He hasn’t done this – and it may be too late for it now.

For me, Tensai has, at the very least, been something fresh on a show full of new product going stale very quickly. And WWE wanted to push him upon his debut/return. He won a series of squash matches before gaining pinfall victories over John Cena and WWE Champion CM Punk. He then came out and assisted John Laurinaitis in battering John Cena. It was all looking good for the big bald-headed beast and then... He was taken OFF of Raw and put into a match with Tyson Kidd on WWE’s D-Show, Superstars. Why? Why build up this new monster for weeks, have him heavily involved in the main event scene and then stick him in a match on Superstars? I am a Tyson Kidd fan, as many of you may already know, but the logic here is non-existent. Tensai was angrier than usual for this bout. The commentators didn’t mention it, though. Tensai came out without his robe on, pushed his ‘worshipper’ Sakamoto out of the way and stormed to the ring and destroyed Kidd. I wondered if he was genuinely pissed off with the situation or whether this character was being taken in a slightly different direction – if the latter is true, why was it not mentioned?

Time will tell where this character goes. I just hope WWE don’t do a U-Turn with it and have him revert back to Albert. As far as the ‘Albert’ chants go, they’ve got to figure out a way to stop fans from wanting to chant it. Maybe my promo suggestion would work. If it carries on, it just shows that the people are not taking the character seriously – and this is not exactly a recipe for success.

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