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Posted by Aaron Rift on 05/09/2012 at 06:21 PM

Wade Needham passed along the following:

Contact: Brandi Garcia
Email: Mengarpr@gmail.com

EWF brings the action live with iPPV and ON-Demand products

Empire Wrestling Federation of San Bernardino, the longest running independent professional wrestling promotion in southern California is launching a new avenue for which EWF fans can view the high-impact shows they might not be able to attend, every month. Starting with the XVI Anniversary Extravaganza hosted on May 4, EWF will be streaming multiple shows on iPPV for fans to view at their convenience, for a charge of $5. With this venture, EWF hopes to continue the years of success and tradition as it is known for throughout the southern California region, but also nationally. Currently the EWF roster carries 30 single wrestlers, six tag teams and six women wrestlers. Their events are hosted every month in Covina, CA at the Knights of Columbus and in San Bernardino, CA.

“We are very enthusiastic about the venture we’re entering with iPPV and ON-Demand,” EWF owner and founder, Jesse Hernandez said. “This is going to give all of the guys and gals in the back so much more exposure they could imagine and the fans that are no longer local, can still enjoy the EWF from wherever they are.”

EWF’s former wrestlers such as Melina Perez, Rico Constantino were signed with WWE for several years. Talent such as TJ Perkins and Christopher Daniels, who’ve graced the canvas of Ring Of Honor and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling are also EWF veterans.

“We look forward to extending our brand of entertainment to the masses, and I cannot wait for everyone to enjoy us from home.” Hernandez said.

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