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Posted by Aaron Rift on 04/29/2012 at 11:49 PM

Jon Lastrina: World Title and WWE Title matches were good. Don't understand why Cena won. Lesnar's momentum is pretty much killed, unless Cena is leaving for a bit then I guess I could understand why they would want him to win. But, they could have just done an injury angle with Lesnar winning.

Max Chambers: Brock Lesnar is getting paid 5 f***ing million for 4 matches, in a company he walked out on, because he wanted more money, I hope he loses f***ing all of them. And as I was expecting this is probably Cena's last hurrah before his semi-retirement, and f*** it he should go out with a win, great ppv, Except for the whole Goldberg thing, and screwing over Layla

Name withheld - For someone who hates WWE very much these days, it was a good PPV. Punk Jericho good match, Orton Kane solid, Cena Lesnar while slow at times was intriging. I'm a Lesnar fan, but he needs to not be so wreckless, I'm expecting him to be injured after that fall over the ropes. Shades of his WM19 screwup. Surprised Cena won. Alot of ppl will say Lesnar should've won, but WWE prob did it for a few reasons. 1. To thank Cena for all his hard work, thank him for jobbing to Rock at WM, didn't want him to think they were replacing him. 2. WWE and wrestling would look kind of bad and fake if an MMA guy (even tho he was a former wrestler) came in and destroyed their top guy wk after wk and then beat him on PPV. Anyway, loved that the crowd chanted "GOLDBERG" at Ryback. WWE, nobody is gonna get behind him, he sucks.

Mark - Great PPV, even the divas match wasn't as horrendous as usual. Lesnar needs a vacation and to learn how to tone it down. There was legit blood and he tore something in Cena's arm. You could see how he upper left arm had no definition to it and it was a ball of flab, which makes pulling off the AA even more impressive. Cena is not my favorite but for those that hate him, let's see what happens in the coming months with him on the shelf and where ratings/storylines go without the company's #1 hombre.

Joe Schmidt: Hahahahaha!!!! I love how PISSED everyone is because "OH NOEZ! BROCK LESNAR JOBBED!" The guy had control of Cena for damn near 100% of the match, Cena hit him with a chain and won, get over it, damn. And I'm not even a Cena fan!

@OMGWTFBHJFTW: #ExtremeRules was AMAZING. Lesnar/Cena changed the game. So many unbelievable moments tonight. One that will be talked about for awhile.

@johnreport: Awesome PPV. Three really outstanding matches and a hot crowd. Extreme Rules was f'n great.

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