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Posted by Aaron Rift on 04/13/2012 at 06:04 PM

(Note: This was written in 2005)

I always get asked about NoDQ.com so here's a little background information about how I first started on the internet:

I first discovered the internet in early 1998. Like many others, I started using the internet to browse porn sites (I was 15 for the record). Soon, I started searching on wrestling topics. I came upon a Tripod wrestling site called "Vinnie Mac's wrestling webpage" and it had tons of wrestling information. I saw a link on Tripod that said you could create your own website for free. You might find it funny to know that back at this time I knew NOTHING about filling out sign-up forms or e-mail addresses. I didn't have an e-mail address, so I just filled out jibberish in each section of the form. I would make a page and, since I didn't know my password, I couldn't go back and edit the page. Therefore, with my first website, the main page just had links to 10-15 different Tripod accounts! I didn't know how to make multiple pages on one account!

My first wrestling site on Tripod was called DXCerpts, a DX fan site obviously. I started this website two days after the 1998 King Of The Ring. It had a listing of all the current and past DX members, and had a few different photos as well as the logo. At the time, I was THIRLLED with this website and I thought it was so cool that people around the world could see it.

My next wrestling site was called Stone Cold's Wrestling Polls. I came upon this free polling website and I made a bunch of polls and put them on my website. Some of the questions would be like "Which is better, DX or the NWO?" and so forth. I then noticed that a lot of websites had guestbooks. I created one for my website and, once again, I thought this was just about the coolest thing in the world. I noticed that people would leave their e-mail addresses in guestbook. So, using my mom's e-mail address, I would send out an e-mail to every person in every guestbook I could find and ask them to visit my site and sign the guestbook.

I started learning how to layout a website (via Tripod's templates), so I added more content and changed Stone Cold's Wrestling Polls to Stone Cold's Wrestling Page. I would write RAW and Nitro reviews as well as photo galleries. Back in the day, every website had an "award" that was basically a banner saying "Joe's Wrestling Lair says this website kicks ass" and I would e-mail all of these websites trying to win their awards. I decided I wanted to have an award of my own to give out to websites. The only problem was I didn't know how to make banners or graphics yet. There were some websites that had graphic makers that would create free banners for other websites. I ended up getting a banner for Stone Cold's Wrestling Page as well as my own award banner that I could give out to other websites.

I started checking out other free hosting sites besides Tripod. I tried Angelfire, Geocities, and some others. I then came upon a hosting company where your web address could be yourname.8m.com which was short and easy for people to remember. I moved my site from Tripod over and scw.8m.com became the new location for Stone Cold's Wrestling Page. Around this time I started a VERY popular feature called "Wrestle Steve Austin" and "Wrestle Goldberg" where you could pick and choose different moves and it would give you random results each time. Around October 1998 or so, they suddenly closed down my website without any reason. It might of been for content reasons, because I was starting to add Women Of Wrestling galleries to the site.

On November 5th 1998, I actually registered my first domain name. I typed in WWFWCW.com and it just happened to be available! This was great for me because I was a huge fan of both promotions and I could turn this into the ultimate fan site with the best of both wrestling worlds. By this point I was started to learn HTML and graphics so I could make my own page without a template. I used to view the source code of other wrestling websites to learn HTML myself and to use anything cool they had on my site. By the time 1998 ended, I was on my way to internet superstardom...

Stay tuned for Part 2.

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